In conjunction with your team, we showcase your brand in a way that makes it more appealing to customers and optimized for maximum conversion.

Price Monitoring to ensure all sellers conform to your pricing and promotion rules.

Enforce MAP & Monitor listing on your behalf to avoid unauthorized sellers, counterfeit products or inaccurate information on your listings on Amazon.

Monitor reviews to ensure customer reviews are responded to in a timely and accurate fashion.


We pay for your products upfront as such take the risk of net 30 or 90 out of your hands.

Once we purchase your product, it becomes our responsibility. We do not return nor ask you to buy back your product. 

We also have a strategic marketing plan for each product we sell to ensure customers are aware of the availability of this product and what it does.

From Amazon PPC campaigns, SEO, listing optimisation to Facebook advertising, we do whatever is required to represent your product accurately and satisfactorily for both you and the customer at all times. 

Amazon A – Z

Amazon is the most dynamic and fast-growing marketplace in the world.

It’s constantly changing processes means you need a company at the top of their game such as Thames11 Ltd to take care of positively representing your brand and doing the little things what affect your brand reputation, awareness, enhances growth in sales and increased customer satisfaction.

 Your business may not require our full service offerings, but we are always available to listen to your needs and would always work in your best interest as we put your brand first, always.


We are good at one thing:

Making brands great on Amazon.

With tailor-made sales strategy and listing optimization being our core strength, we can make your brand a success on Amazon.

With a unique approach that understands the Amazon ecosystem and supports our clients within it, we are able to showcase your brand in a most appealing format. Thames11 Ltd has many years of experience studying the unique Amazon’s search algorithm to understand how we could optimize listings with clever SEO applications to improve conversion rate and thus drive up sales.  Our team would analyse listings, enhance images, revise product description and produce written or video content to improve the overall customer experience. 

Best of all, “we put our money where our mouth is”.  Everything we do is free to support our partner brands. Whether it’s optimizing a listing, enhance images, enforce MAP, get counterfeit products taken down, or simply ensuring your product is in stock on Amazon, we have the skill and technological backbone to provide the service you require.


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